24 Victoria Street Brighton


24 Victoria Street Brighton

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“Great Land is the foundation
of our work at Robert Mills
Architects and Interior Designers.
Together with Architecture,
Interiors and Technology
we create Great Living.”

Robert Mills Architects Melbourne


This landmark residence at 24 Victoria Street Brighton is inspired by the beach lifestyle that surrounds this great land. A bespoke Rob Mills home, 24 Victoria Street has been designed to capture contemporary living in one of the great cities of the world.

Commissioned by a client who set out to create a unique contemporary residence for Brighton, Rob Mills was approached for his unique ability to understand great land and the refined skill with which he has created a truly great living experience for you.

The result of this collaboration is the ultimate family residence in Brighton which has been designed to consider your every need. 24 Victoria Street is contemporary design at its best; sophisticated and highly refined where you can really discover what it means to live well.

While the pre-planning and detail design of the building have been completed, and are ready to go with a builder in waiting, you have the opportunity to tailor the design to fit you and your family perfectly.